Hi I'm Betty48

I'm a woman, 48 years old looking for a man in Ashburn area. My body type is Average, my hair color is Brunette and my ethnicity is Caucasian.

What is Betty48 Looking For?

I've had an ongoing problem since my new husband moved in with his teenage son… My panties kept going missing. I had no idea what was going on, but I kept having to buy new ones. I finally found out what's been happening. I brought in my step son's laundry and saw his backpack on his bed. I'm not one for snooping, but I wanted to check it for dirty clothes… Oh, boy, did I find it! It was filled with my dirty panties and they were all covered with is cum! I immediately got hit with the smell of me and his semen. I reached in and they were all sticky. The pair on top was still warm from him jerking off into them! I shouldn't have liked it, but it turned me more than I've ever been turned on before! Now I can't stop myself from fantasizing about him jerking off to me. All of that young cum splashing against my clothes is too much for me to handle… I need to talk to a younger guy his age about this… Please!

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