Give your dick to a cougar

If you’re bored and horny with a pent up load, you should consider giving it to a cougar. Cougars are always down to fuck and they know how to do it well. They’ve had more cock in their lives than you’ve ever seen. They’ve perfected the art of the blowjob and they want everyone to […]

Cougars as a fetish

I’m a cougar and I’m proud of it. I’m here to say that I’ve never had a better lay than with guys who fetishize older women. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure they give a good show. That’s why I spend so much time on a cougar site. It’s filled with guys […]

How to impress a cougar

There are a lot of things that you can do to impress a cougar. It’s the best way to make sure you end up inside of her at the end of the night. She’s already horny and ready to fuck but that doesn’t mean she’s going to bang just anyone. You need to be on […]

Show a cougar your appreciation

Cougars are an interesting animal. They love to fuck but their desires are very specific. They can’t just go around fucking men their own age. They crave younger guys. They need that kind of energy in the bedroom. They need someone who can fill their pussies with stiff cock and cover them with their loads. […]

Cougar Fuck

Dry spells happen. There’s no way around it. You’re not always going to be drowning in pussy. It’s a sad fact of life. These spells don’t have to last long, though. The best thing you can do to get out of one is fuck a cougar. These women are always up for a good lay. […]

Sexy Cougars

The funny thing about seeing is that it is super easy to sabotage yourself. Your values about your seeing it’s likely that actually your biggest hurdles. Imaginable how in any other case decent-looking guys, who’ve careers and who seem to be to really have the world by the tails, completely are unsuccessful as it pertains […]

CougarFuck Delivers, Other Sites Don’t

The best problem with the internet is the fact whenever online internet marketers hear that many of men and women are buying particular experience or content, they make crap. Very seriously. They may be just out to pimp the demand plus they don’t even take the time to provide people what they’re looking for. That […]

What is So Great About Banging Local Cougars?

You almost certainly have friends who speak about making love with women over 30. You almost certainly heard the good thing these women learn how to fuck. We’re not discussing that uncomfortable blowjobs that you’d get from chicks in their 20s. We’re not discussing your awkward activities and slide ups when you were more youthful. […]

Keys to Successful Cougar Dating

The key to cougar dating is absolutely no secret at all. In fact, a whole lot of guys who get a lot of cunt would laugh at these guidelines because it’s like sound judgment to them. The unhappy reality is that exactly what is good sense to guys who get a lot of pussy and […]

Can I really Find Cougars with Social Media?

Forums and community forums aren’t exactly new on the web. In fact, they are around forever. In the event that you check out newsgroups, they even predate the commercial worldwide web. That’s how old discussion boards and community forums are. The glad tidings are if you’re seeking to get laid, forums will surely help you. […]