Cougar Sex

How I Became a Cougar dating Guru

Now you’re probably laughing and saying to yourself, yeah, guru, fuck you. Guru my ass. Well, guru is a strong word and, let me tell you, when you say that somebody’s a guru, that person knows his shit backwards and forwards.

I’m not talking about being familiar with stuff. I’m not talking with knowing your way around stuff. I’m not talking about reading a lot of books about a particular topic. I’m not talking about being regarded by people as somewhat of an expert. I’m talking a guru here.

I’m talking somebody who basically wrote the book, fucking came up with many different editions, trained thousands of people and made shit happen. That’s guru level. Everything else is bullshit. Everything else is junior high school crap. And to say that I’m some sort of guru is quite a big statement.

I can understand your disbelief right now, but believe me, Cougar sex¬†used to be a fucking mystery to me. I was like a fish thrown on land. It’s just not going to happen. How can¬†older women be sexy and have a huge sex drive? Does it evenhappen? It was a bad fit.

That was my experience for the longest time until I discovered several secrets to Cougar sex dating that made me try some free cougar sex dating sites. Believe me, it’s a site worth unlocking because whatever kind of older pussy you’re looking for, it’s there.

Are you looking for Cougar pussy? It’s there. Are you looking for MILF pussy? It’s there. Are you looking for old Latina crack? It’s there. Are you looking for African American gash? It’s there. Are you looking for European box? It’s there.

Whatever type of poontang you desire, Cougar dating will deliver. Like a fucking pizza delivery outfit, it’s going to deliver, and it delivers on time. There’s a problem, though. You have to use it the right way. This is where I became a guru.

Again, you are probably violently resisting that label, but let me break it down for you. The first thing that I did was I allowed myself to believe that Cougar dating will not only possibly deliver pussy, but that it will. This is a very important mental leap here. Pay fucking close attention.

Most of us believe in possibilities. You wouldn’t be reading this shit if you did not think that what I’m saying is at least possible. But that’s not going to get you anywhere near your goal. You have to believe that it will happen. Because the moment you start believing that something will happen, the sense of certainty changes your emotional states and it changes the way you act.

Let me tell you, the world doesn’t give a damn about what you’re feeling. It doesn’t care about your motivations. It doesn’t entertain what you could have done, would have done or should have done. It cares nothing about all that shit. All it cares about is what you do.

So when you believe in such a way that it changes what you do, things become possible and things get easier and easier. So the first thing that I did was I believed that Cougar dating will get me pussy. That’s right, it’s going to get a woman to materialize in front of me and suck my dick, apply some suction around my balls, fucking turn around, let me do her doggy style and allow me to empty my sac into her gash.

In other words, it becomes emotionally real. It’s not just a fucking intellectual or academic topic that exists out there in a void somewhere. No. It’s fucking real. So when I did that, I put in the work because I believed that Cougar dating will deliver.

So I put in the work, I hit a lot of profiles. I didn’t give a damn about negative shit. Basically, I just looked at positive responses. For the first few times, I didn’t get any responses at all, but since I believed so much, I kept pumping away until I got a nice, healthy volume of fuck positive responses.

The second thing that I learned is that it’s all about fantasy. Meaning, you have to live up to the best version of you. You’re not there for some sort of therapy. You’re not there to explain yourself. You’re not there to prove yourself. Instead, it’s all about fantasy.

Meaning, you have an ideal version of yourself on a sexual level. Meaning, if you, right now, can only last 5 minutes in the sack, there’s a part of you that can last for several hours. There’s a part of you who’s able to make a woman orgasm time and time again. Your job is to communicate and connect and identify with that part of yourself so you can change your sexual reality.

And I learned that when I went on a date with Kendra. She didn’t fucking mince any words. She didn’t fuck around. She said, “you better deliver.” And believe me, I took that as a challenge and, by the time I was done fucking her, both in the pussy, in the mouth and in the ass, she was fucking spent.

I mean, one more stroke and that chick would probably be fucking comatose. That’s how many orgasms blew through her brain. There’s only so much excitement a human nervous system can take. I stepped up to the plate when she said, “you better deliver.”

The next important lesson that the Cougar dating taught me is that you better deliver because there is already an ideal part of yourself that is a super duper sexual athlete. There’s already an ideal part of yourself that knows how to say the right things to the right people at the right time to produce the right results. You already have it in you. You already have the victory, and it takes belief to unlock all of that.

And the third lesson that I learned that I seriously believed that let me become a Cougar dating guru is, for you to receive, you must first give. And to me, at first this was all just about giving sexual performance. I had no problem with that. I mean, I can take all sorts of supplements, stay hard for a long time, make sure that the woman cums way before me and make sure she cums many times before I blow my load either in her, on her back, on her face, all over her tits or on her butt.

But that wasn’t it. That was just part of the equation. That was just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger issue is, if I practice compassion and I actually step into other people’s lives and look at the world from their perspective without me judging or without me projecting myself into the picture, all sorts of things can happen. And that’s the real secret.

You see, when a lot of guys get on dating sites, they always focus on taking, taking, taking. In other words, it’s all about me, me, me. What kind of pussy do you have? Can I fuck it? Because it’s all about me. Nice tits you got there, let me put my dick between them because it’s all about me.

The moment you stop thinking that way, and you start thinking in terms of how you’re going to please her because you stepped into her body and her perspective, everything becomes possible. Because even if you look like a total pile of shit, you can still get laid. Even if you look like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, you can still get laid. Believe me, I’ve seen guys who look worse than Gollum fucking trying to fight off pussy because they get that much action.

So do yourself a favor, if you want to be the next Cougar dating guru, pay attention to what I just said. You already have it in you to get all the pussy you would ever need in this lifetime or several lifetimes. The only question is, are you ready to step up to it?