What is So Great About Banging Local Cougars?

What is So Great About Banging Local Cougars?

You almost certainly have friends who speak about making love with women over 30. You almost certainly heard the good thing these women learn how to fuck. We’re not discussing that uncomfortable blowjobs that you’d get from chicks in their 20s. We’re not discussing your awkward activities and slide ups when you were more youthful. I’m discussing somebody who understands how to rock and roll her body and cause you to pop an climax like your mind is going to explode. It’s like making love on steroids. I understand you’ve probably read those testimonies and you almost certainly got all worked up about local cougars. But a great deal of folks still cling to out-of-date myths regarding this erotic demographic. This can be too bad because these women bring too much to the table. Listed below are just three benefits associated with banging local cougars.


Menopausal women signify they don’t get pregnant


All women fuck a great deal harder and fuck with outrageous abandon after they realize that there is absolutely no chance that you’ll have them pregnant. Quite simply, they’re just making love for fun. That is a problem if you are banging someone who is younger. If you are making love with a female who’s 19, pregnancy is obviously in the rear of her mind. Sure, you wear a plastic and perhaps she’s over a pill but it doesn’t really matter. It takes merely one slide up, and do you know what, you are going to be paying child support for another 18 years. Well, if you are sliding your dick into menopausal women, they can fuck with outdoors abandon because all those things being pregnant bullshit is a non-issue.


Older pussy has experience pussy.


The end result is if you’re making love with a cougar, you’re making love with someone who’s been with us the stop. She knows the way the game works, she understands how to journey a dick, she has learned how to suck dick & most importantly, she has learned how to demand how her pussy gets consumed. The trouble with making love with young women is they are too timid, too humiliated or too guilty about love-making to let you know what they want for. And in addition, they neglect to orgasm, and do you know what, it’s your mistake. With more mature women, they can order you around, and do you know what, it is the best education for you because if you are banging a skilled chick and she orders you to eat her pussy and tongue her asshole, follow her directions. You will most probably learn something new and you’ll become an improved lover because from it.


She doesn’t fool around


There is absolutely no mental bullshit with most cougars. When cougars call someone to fuck, they signify business. There’s none of them of this lollipops, teddies and bins of chocolates bullshit that you offer with in charming dating. There is no love here. There’s just natural, hard, unpleasant, sticky, relentless, merciless love-making.